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November 16th at 7pm, Weston under Wetherley village hall. 

Margaret Karlinskini, scientist and complementary medicine  lecturer is leading a series of seminars on nutrition starting with:


7-a-day - what's it all about and are you getting it right...?


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Who wouldn't want to improve their health and keep it for longer?!

You may have heard that recently some of the dietary recommendations have changed.

For years we have been told the best way to stay healthy is to eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day but this has now changed significantly.

'At least 7 a day' is our new mantra and  studies show very clearly that getting it right has a direct bearing on our immune system, overall health and even how long we live!


So join us for this special two hour seminar to get the facts right about 7-a day to save you from making the same mistakes as others.


Are you benefiting from this new recommendation yet?!

Fewer than one in seven UK adults currently meets the outdated '5-a-day' target let alone the new 7-a-day recommended target.

The benefits simply cannot be ignored but many people struggle to achieve the goal and a great many of those who are trying to meet the new guidelinesmay (unknowingly) not even be doing it right!


Unfortunately, media and various widely promoted fad diets don't help us to get a clear picture either, and in fact, might be even leading us astray!

Getting the 7-a-day right is crucial if we want to lose weight, feel great and try and avoid the diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer.

During this seminar we will discuss the following topics:

  • '7-a-day' - what does it really mean?
  • What is a 'portion' and are they all the same?
  • Is it fruits and vegetables or vegetables and fruits..???
  • What counts, what's in and what is out?
  • To juice or not to juice - all about the rather dark side of the juicing fad!
  • How to maximise the health benefits by making the right choices
  • How to reduce the costs by trying new ideas
  • How to meet this new daily target


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